Thank you Corona Warriors!

We all know COVID-19 pandemic has created some of the most challenging times we have all faced. Doctors, nurses, sanitation workers, police force, and employees in essential services are actively working on the frontline to tackle this problem of unforeseen magnitude. Protecting the corona warriors is our top priority and government is facing an acute shortage of essential safety measures such as masks, gloves and PPE kits.

Sensing the dire need of PPE kits, many people and companies from the private sector like ours STPL3D have come forth to help in this tough time. STPL3D has donated thousands of locally produced face-protectors to the frontline workers to provide an extra layer of much-needed protection. The nationwide campaign was an effort to protect the frontline workers giving services to the general public against this pandemic. STPL3D has donated and distributed these face-protectors which totally Mad in India in various government frontline workers of many cities of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Odisha.

These face-protectors have made using a 3D printed frame, a clear PET visor and a medical-grade elastic band. The transparent face-shield covers the whole face including eyes and provides an additional layer of protection from airborne droplets and aerosols to the corona warriors. The use of face-protector along with face mask increases the effectiveness of PPE and reduces the chances of reaching the infectious disease to our system. Even one cough simulation study in 2014 suggested that a face-shield could reduce a user’s viral exposure by 96% when worn within 18 inches of someone who was coughing. These reusable face-shields is comfortable to wear and easy to sterilize which make it suitable for prolonged use.

Our goal is to express our gratitude to those who are relentlessly and defiantly working to save lives in extremely precarious conditions and distributing face-shields is the first step towards that. We want to express our gratitude and we are obliged for their services and standing behind them as a community. We salute the determination and courage of our frontline fighters.

India will emerge victorious and safe in this fight against COVID-19 because of our corona warriors selfless toil and sacrifice. These face-protectors are easily available for the general public too.