How it is now possible to make life size models for marketing purposes

Due to the rise of Ecommerce, organised retailers now have to find different and innovative ways to attract the attention of the shoppers. Though Ecommerce has its advantages, it cannot offer the ‘touch and feel’ factor that one experiences while making purchases in-store.

There have been many people who have said that the mom and pop and in-store retail business model will eventually die a slow death, but this is far from the truth. There are many studies which have been conducted in the US which say that people still love to shop in-store.

Irrespective of your business being an established one or a startup, you can give your brand an personalised identity by including the services of a mascot in your marketing campaign. Generally, many businesses just stop at creating a logo and a set format for establishing brand identity. However, this might not be enough especially in the case of end customer focused brands which need an identity.

A mascot can be the one thing that customers can connect directly with the brand, just like how Ronald McDonald instantly connects with the fast food chain. Whenever children look at or interact with the life size model of Ronald, they instantly connect with the McDonald’s brand and the happy meals that they provide.

With the help of a life-size model, you can incorporate the mascot into the décor of your establishment. This gives your target audience a way to connect with the brand, and to keep visiting the establishment not only for the product or service, but also to interact with the brand mascot.

Earlier, these life size models were affordable only to those business establishments which could afford to cough up large sums of money for getting their life sized models made. However, things have changed for the better now, with the help of 3D printing.

STPL 3D printing, one of the best companies to get 3D printed parts made in Gujarat, has been helping many small and medium businesses to get their life-sized models made, with affordable costs. What would earlier take weeks to make a life-size model of a character, can now be done within a matter of just a week. This is based on a 2D design of the character as against the detailed sketches that would be needed if the model was to be made the conventional way.

Till date, STPL 3D printing has created life-sized models of Spiderman and other mascots for local businesses. Getting a mascot made for your business is now as easy as giving an 2D image to the company and getting your model made within days.