Spiderman and Harry Potter

Industries : Branding & Marking

Profile : Entertainment Store is one of the largest official merchandise store in India. We offer superheroes T-Shirts, Statues, Collectibles, Posters & More for our fans.

Challenge : Store owner wanted 6 Feet Hight Spiderman and 5 Feet long Happy potter Sculpture on the grand opening day with high detail and time line was only 20 days for both the sculpture.

Solution : By using 2d reference pictures, we designed the mascot in Zbrush. We cutted both Structures into multiple part and distributed amongst our 15 3D Printers. Assembled, painted and Installed within 20days after the inquire.

Result :

1. Design accuracy as per client expectations

2. 300% faster delivery than normal traditional methods.

3. Designing to final product under the same roof and quality of product is well maintained.


Harry Potter

3D printing