Smallest Statue of Unity

To understand how big or small statue is, one has to feel them. Surat-based STPL3D has created the world’s smallest 3D...


Orthopaedic Surgeries

Accidents are very unfortunate. Such an unfortunate incident happened with 14 yr old, Aaska Shah on 3rd Dec 2019...


Spiderman and Harry Potter

Entertainment Store is one of the largest official merchandise store in India. We offer superheroes T-Shirts...


Creative Mascot Design

Atul Bakery from Surat is one of the Top brand in Gujarat in Bakery product and they have 60+ Stores around...


3 Ft Hanuman Statue

M Jewellers was formed in 1999 to provide shoppers top quality casting statues with wonderful expression...


Small Batch Production

Incorporated in 1993, STPL is engaged in developing cutting edged technological solutions for the diamond...


3D Printed Casting

We at STPL 3D printing were introduced to local artisans who wanted the pinnacle of a temple, known as a kalash designed...


Lion Statue

We were approached by a local brass manufacturer who wanted to sand cast a 5-foot tall lion statue from...


3D Printed Sand Casting

A local engineering foundry needed to make a casting pattern for a machine part within a tight deadline...

Rapid prototyping, Case Study, Sculpture Rapid prototyping, Case Study, Sculpture

Case study

Rapid Prototyping