Digital Sculpting

STPL3D offering professional digital sculpting services. We also offer wide range of modeling services to cover your challenging project requirement. We have a team of Highly skilled designers who demonstrate professional 3D sculpting to deliver highest standard of digital sculpting. We can sculpt models digitally by effectively transforming our client’s Ideas, Photos, or sketches into reality. Moreover, carving, assembling, casting, and modeling are the four main techniques employed by sculptors. Sculpting can be done with a range of materials including clay, metal, wood, glass or stone.


The first stage of Sculpting is starting by sketching ideas into paper. Which is represent the thought process of Designer what he/she has thinking for particular project. So, Basically it’s an easy and time saving process to represent the idea of model how its look like after digital sculpting.

Digital Sculpting:

Digital sculpting, also known as sculpt modeling or 3D sculpting, by using the sculpting software that offers tools to push, pull, smooth, grab, pinch or otherwise manipulate a digital object as if it were made of a real-life substance such as made in clay. So, there is no need to west time in traditional method of making sculpture.3D sculpting(also called digital sculpting) is when an artist sculpts a 3D object on a computer with material similar to digitized clay. An artist will begin with manipulations—much like a traditional sculptor—and then move onto more detailed work by increasing the polygon count.

3D Modeling:

3D Modeling is the final step of sculpting. In this process sculptor add texture on digital model for enhance looking. Texture represent the skin of model. Texture differ by model wise, i.e; if you are making any human being then you apply smooth texture as we have smooth skin. And if you are making any animal, then texture will be flufy and hairy skin.So, Texture put extra attraction on model.

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