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Parts manufactured with 3D printing technologies usually require some degree of post-production treatment. This important step of the 3D printing process is known as post-processing. The options for post-processing 3D printed parts include removing support or excess material, washing and curing, sanding or polishing a model to painting or colouring.

We are offering Wide range of post process on 3d printed parts. The post-processing technique can vary depending on the printing process used to create the model.

Stpl 3D Follows methodical process to provide best-in-class Finish & Paint services to our clients

Finish & Paint services are normally done for parts printed on FDM, SLA & SLS. Before painting the 3D printed parts, the surface of the part is smoothened to ensure the absence of any rough features that may inhibit paint adhesion. Once the finishing is over, then a primer is used to coat the part and then spray paint the final colour.

Type of Finishes

Natural: Remove supports, wash and post cure.

Standard: Remove supports, wash, post cure, sand areas where supports were attached with sandpaper.

Paint Ready: Standard Finish plus remove build layer lines on the visual surfaces with sandpaper, apply primer to all surfaces and sand with sandpaper.

Painted: Paint ready finish with customer specified paint color applied.

Custom Finish: Choose from a wide range of finishes like Mate finish, Glossy Finish, Chrome finish, etc...

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